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Lili's Life Lessons

Only $299

Lili's Life Lessons

Family Fun For A Fantastic Future!

Lili's Life Lessons (1200 x 630 px) (2)_edited_edited.png

About The Course

Would you like your pre-teen/teenager to:

Have the techniques to deal with emotional trauma?

Learn a system that will create repeatable success in their life?

Have the tools to design a fantastic future by finding their inner strength and happiness through goal-setting and self-confidence?

12 Lessons

Only $299

Lili's Life Lessons is a 12-week online video program designed to provide pre-teens and teenagers, 10-16 years old, with the tools needed to create that fantastic future!

The program is designed for the adults to work with the pre-teens and teens as they progress through each fun lesson, enhancing communication and team-building in the family. Each lesson is followed by 10-15 minutes of homework.

This program consists of 12 fun and educational lessons that are completed as a family – based on Lili´s own life experience and also including models from the self-confidence guide book Walk Tall by Kiisyourhost. 

Lesson 1: The Understanding Factor Lesson                                                 

Lesson 3: The Support Factor Lesson                                                            

Lesson 5: The Appreciation Factor Lesson                                                    

Lesson 7: The Feeling Factor Lesson                                                               

Lesson 9: The Movement Factor                                                                      

Lesson 11: The Goal Factor Lesson                                                                  


Each week the video lesson starts with an introduction from Lili, followed by a discussion with Ki and Deb about the value of that factor. Each lesson also contains a simple, but powerful daily assignment, reinforcing the message for the pre-teen or teenager.


This program is designed to be reward-based and fun for the entire family!

Lesson 2: The Forgiveness Factor 

Lesson 4: The Learning Factor

Lesson 6: The Gratitude Factor

Lesson  8: The Helping Factor

Lesson 10: The Fun Factor

Lesson 12: The Belief Factor

Trust me, it has helped me in multiple ways."

Lili Birdsall

Included In The Program

  •  The 12-Lesson Video Program with assignments

  •  A free 30-minute one-on-one online consultation with Ki or Deb

  •  A .pdf copy of the book, Overcoming My Mother's Addictions by Deb and Lili Birdsall

  •  A .pdf copy of the self-confidence guidebook, Walk Tall by Kiisyourhost

  •  Forever access to the video program

  •  4-months of access to the online messaging forums with Ki, Deb, and Lili

  •  Additional inspirational and informative materials

  •  Option to buy discounted shorter video courses containing the tools and models used in the program

This course has helped me a lot."

Lili Birdsall

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Walk Tall: Create Your Own Self-Confidence

$ 7.99

Get free e-book with 12 lessons

This guide walks you through various everyday situations that can often seem daunting. By using the steps and methods put forward by Ki is your host, anyone can walk more confidently through the ups and downs of life. Anyone can walk tall! In this short and to-the-point guide to self-assurance, Ki is your host takes readers through the simple—but not often practiced—steps to developing more confidence and determination.

19021605 (18)_edited.png

Overcoming My Mother's Addictions

$ 10.99

Get free e-book with 12 lessons

Overcoming My Mother’s Addictions is a heart-wrenching but inspiring true story about Lili, an 11-year-old girl, who has faced tremendous challenges and upheavals in her formative years because of her mother’s addiction to drugs. Lili gives us hope by displaying a positive outlook which has helped her overcome horrific situations. Through her optimistic perspective, she has gained insight into the life lessons that have shaped her into the fine, thoughtful young lady she is today.

Lili's Life Lessons (1200 x 630 px) (1404 x 630 px) (1258 x 630 px).png

Program Support Books

You Should Buy It."

Lili Birdsall

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