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Book cover of overcoming my mothers addictions

Overcoming My Mother's Addictions

Overcoming My Mother’s Addictions is a heart-wrenching and inspiring true story about Lili, an 11-year-old girl who has faced tremendous challenges and upheavals in her formative years because of her mother’s addiction to drugs. 

Lili gives us hope by displaying a positive outlook which has helped her overcome horrific situations.  Through her optimistic perspective she has gained insight into lessons that have shaped her into the fine, thoughtful young lady she is today.

Book cover of Overcoming my mother's additions

Counselors and teachers will find this book beneficial in opening lines of communication with younger children to determine how best to provide them much-needed support. 

This book is also written to inspire addicts to move into a place of permanent recovery, encouraging them to break their destructive cycle and rebuild healthy relationships.

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